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Defence ministry website ‘hacked’, displays ‘Chinese’ character

Defence ministry website

The website of the Defence Ministry has been hacked on Friday and it is still trying to restore it.Officials said that the Chinese characters were seen on the website which indicates that Chinese hackers may be involved in it.A spokesman of the ministry said, “We have a sharp look on the matter. The National Information Center is trying to restore it.This center maintains the website. “Another official said that Chinese hackers could join the spoiler.

Defence Ministry will be normal soon: Defense Minister

Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tweeted that the matter of the Ministry of Defense’s website has been taken into account. Proper action has been initiated. Shortly after Nirmala Sitharaman tweeted another information, “After the website of Defense Ministry hacked, the action has been initiated.” The website will be normal soon. All future steps will be taken to prevent such incidents in future.

Some other government websites are down:

The websites of the ministries of law, home affairs and labour were also down within several minutes of the alleged attack on the defence ministry site.

Law ministry
Law ministry
Labour ministry
Labour ministry
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