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Indian hacker Pay Unique Tribute To Pathankot Martyrs By Attacking Pakistani Website


Pathankot Atack. Remember???
The 8 brave soldiers who were martyred in Pathankot will never be forgotten and Kerala-based hacker site, Indian Black Hats (IBH) made sure of it.
The group targetted 7 Pakistani websites, including Pakistani Bar Council and wrote and dedicated the attack to the 18-month-old daughter of the late Lt. Col. Niranjan Kumar of the National Security Guards. They wrote:
A hacker named Ind_C0d3r said, “We hacked some Pakistan websites and domains as a tribute to the bravehearts who were killed in the Pathankot attack on Sunday, and we have dedicated it to Lt Col Niranjan Kumar’s little daughter Vismaya.”
They hacked 7 sites that include


and all have a picture of Vismaya with the following message:

This Attack is dedicated for VismayA, the daughter of NSG Commando Lt Col Niranjan!! A Big Salute from team IBH To the familys of brave soldiers who lost their life in Pathankot Attack!! A Small Tribute to those Brave Soldiers who Laid their Precious Life for our Country and our People!!RIP Brave Souls of Pathankot !! We Are Proud Of You Guys !! Bharat Maata Ki Jai !! Vande Matharam !!

We forgive…

We forget..

Don’t Expect Anything from us.. !!

With F**K FrOm: Ind_Cod3r & L!u M!nyu

Incidentally, ‘We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget.We are Anonymous.’ is the very famous tagline of hacktivists group Anonymous, that is famous for its Cyber-war crusades against ISIS, and it’s the exact opposite of the above-mentioned message by IBH. Which, if we think can have many meanings, including the message that ‘we’re peace loving. So don’t expect us to stoop to your level’.

The hackers haven’t deleted any of the comments on the hacked sites yet and have no intentions of doing so as they call it a cyber war that is a tribute to the late Lieutenant and Vismaya, the daughter who survived him.

Indian Black Hats, which was previously known as Indian Cyber Devils from the time they started in 2011, to the time they changed their name in 2014
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One thought on “Indian hacker Pay Unique Tribute To Pathankot Martyrs By Attacking Pakistani Website

  1. Good work done by IBH. They must have to learn that terror is not only option to afraid. We are here to make you afraid.

    Right now they are making fun on our Indian politics and politicians but this is also true that we need strong Leader who can take decision on these issues like Pathankot.

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