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IOS 9.3 bugs: Safari crash and Unable to Activate

IOS 9.3 bugs: Safari crash and Unable to Activate, Here is solution how to overcome with these problems.

iPhone owners are reporting a mysterious bug in Safari after updating to Apple’s latest iOS 9.3 release. Some are finding that the browser freezes and crashes when they tap links on a webpage, and must be force-closed.

So If your iPhone is freezing or crashing after you click a link, you’re not alone. In the Apple support forums, tons of users are reporting the bug, which seems more prevalent on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus after updating to iOS 9.3.

The issue is primarily affecting iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus owners, but has been experienced on older iPhones and some iPads, too. It is only appearing under the latest iOS 9.3 update that was rolled out last week.

Although the problem occurs mostly in Safari, it can also happen when opening links in other apps, including Messages, Mail, and Notes. Instead of taking users to a webpage, the app freezes and crashes, and must be force-closed from the app switcher.

Apple is yet to respond to this problem, which hundreds of users have reported on its official Support Communities forum, and on social networks. Some say disabling JavaScript helps in Safari, but the problem persists in other apps, and there is no workaround just yet.

The problem seems widespread, too. In addition to the Apple support page dedicated to the bug, users are taking to Twitter in an attempt to get @Applesupport to help out.

Here is the video :

Fixing the “Unable to Activate” or “Activation server unavailable” iOS Issue

Some users may update iOS and get stuck on an “Activate” screen. You may be able to resolve this, or the “Uable to Activate” error post iOS 9.3 with a computer and iTunes. This requires a USB cable and the latest version of iTunes to be installed, beyond that it’s the same on a Mac or Windows PC.

  1. Connect the problematic iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a computer with a USB cable
  2. Launch iTunes (be sure it is updated to the latest version)
  3. Select the device in iTunes, this should trigger the Activate device screen in iTunes
  4. Enter the Apple ID and password for the connected device and click on Continue to successfully activate the device


Resolving Verification Errors

Some devices are experiencing verification errors during the iOS update, this is often similar to the activation problem outlined a moment ago. Sometimes this manifests as a verification failed error because “you are no longer connected to the internet” on the device.

You can fix unable to verify update errors with these instructions, but do keep in mind if you’re experiencing the message on a device that has since had iOS 9.3 revoked, the solution is to wait for a new update from Apple, or to downgrade the device to iOS 9.2.1 (which we cover further down on this page).

Fixing “Update Unavailable” Errors

If you see the iOS 9.3 software update available in Settings, but you get an “Update Unavailable” error message when attempting to download and install the update, this is because the update has been removed by Apple and is awaiting the fixed version.

The best thing to do in this situation is simply wait it out, as the new trouble-free release will be available in the coming days. Simply check for a software update again periodically, and install when it is available.

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