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Link that will crash and reboot your iPhone

A interesting link circulating on social media platform could crash your iPhone or iPad completely.
Surprise?? !!

If you come across a link to, you are advised not to open it on your iPhone, iPad or even Macs. Doing so will cause Safari application to crash, potentially causing your Apple device to restart.

The ‘hack’ is otherwise harmless,so if you want to try this out, just the website and watch what happens. Hey wait don’t click now otherwise it will likely cause you to lose all your open tabs.

People are spreading the link to using a URL shortener, and users are tricked into visiting the site without being knowing.

How does this Hack Work?

The hack website ( generates a very long, and increasing string of characters and then overloads this text string in the address bar of the browsers due to this browsers are unable to handle this and result is crash, Apple’s default Safari browser and Mozila crash will cause iPhone and iPad to restart but chrome will not cause restart on iPhone and iPad.

CrashSafari site’s code is very simple and includes:

  • A Header Tag for page title but you will never see because of browser crash.
  • Two script tag first contains some goole analytics.js code and second calls the HTML5 History API thousands of times in a loop, potentially causing browser to crash.

Desktop and Laptops Are Also Affected:

Even desktop and laptop computers are also affected by this bug, but to a lesser degree depending on system’s processing power. Visiting the website will cause Safari on a Mac to crash, showing ‘Application Not Responding’.

Chrome on Macs and other computers also becomes not responding. However, restarting the Mac or quitting Chrome on Android devices, as well as rebooting iPhones and iPads, clears the issue

It works on the latest versions of Apple operating systems, iOS 9.2.1, OS X 10.11.3, as well as some of the beta seeds.
Apparently more than 180,000 people have fallen victim to just one abbreviated link alone. Apple has yet to comment on the issue.

if you want to try it own heare is the code correct tags:

h1 What were you expecting?
(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),

ga(‘create’, ‘UA-60737367-1’, ‘auto’);
ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);
var total = “”;
for( var i = 0; i < 100000; i++ ) {
total = total + i.toString();
history.pushState(0,0, total );

code source:

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