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Odisha(India) villager hacks toll-free number of a company and causes Rs 60-lakh loss


Odisha teen turns hacker! hacks toll-free number causes 60 lakh loss to Hyderabad-based Lloyd Electricals and Engineering Ltd by hacking into their EPABX system.

In an interesting turn of events, a 19-year-old villager named Himalaya Mohanty from Odisha india hacked into a Hyderabad-based company, causing a loss of Rs 60 lakh. Mohanty, who isn’t very well-versed in English managed to enroll himself in several online forums and communicated using translation software.

Cyberabad police said 19-year-old Himalaya Mohanty of Balasore district in Odisha hacked the EPABX toll-free number of Lloyd Electricals and Engineering Ltd in the city. After hacking it, he uploaded the code along with the toll-free number of Lloyd on a website hosted by him.

In November, Lloyd company had received a whopping Rs 60 lakh telephone bill for the toll-free number, which they operate for their customers, against the usual Rs 1 lakh per month.

Based on various forensic tests, cyber crime police located the IP address to a remote village in Balasore in Orissa and they picked up Mohanty. On questioning, Mohanty narrated the whole modus operandi besides his hacking journey.
Using his 3 inch display mobile phone, he learned hacking skills and finally ended up hacking Lloyd’s toll-free number.

“Mohanty enabled the option of outgoing facility by hacking into the system. He uploaded the link of Lloyd along with a code, which a user has to enter after dialling the toll-free number and followed by the number the person intends to call,” Cyber crime inspector Riyazuddin told.

According to police, Mohanty, pursing ITI,
posted on his website a message to contact him for learning hacking skills. “When people contacted him using their phones, he used to hack their phones by sending a Trojan (virus) and used to track their movements. However, all this was done by him without gaining financial benefit,” police said.

Mohanty confessed that he leant hacking through various online foram and can hack Wi-Fi routers, emails, Facebook accounts and mobiles,” police added.

Himalaya Mohanty says he cracked the code just for fun.

News Source: TOI , DNA

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